Factors to consider when choosing material for shrink wrapping

Shrink wrapping is an important factor in any production industry. From protection to aesthetic value, this process adds a quantifiable benefit to the industry. In that regard, it is important to choose the best material that is ideal for your product. There are many types of wrapping materials available, but depending on the several factors they vary from each other. From general factors such as the form of transportation, the storage, and nature of delivery, you should choose the one that best suits your preference.

As a producer, you should be aware that the wrapping material will in turn help in reducing the breakage, spoilage, tampering and product returns. Here are some of the things you should consider when choosing your material:

Quality and durability

Before you order a wrapping material, you should be well conversant with the quality and durability of it. You can learn this by testing the samples or getting insights on online platforms. Some producers skip this vital step, and they end up wrapping products with the low-quality material. Materials such as PVC and polyolefin are good for wrapping products. For instances, the polyolefin is good for food products while the PVC for general items.


The cost of wrapping material also must come into your mind as a producer. Depending on your product you should choose a material that not only has quality properties but is in line with your budget. The cost of wrapping material should not negatively impact the general output of the company. You should also liaise with suppliers who can offer these materials at a discount rate.


A suitable wrapping material should help in enhancing the security of the product as well as providing tamper evidence. You should choose a material that can provide a safety measure as well as can be used to act as a tamper-evident seal.

Health and environment compliance

Some of the wrapping materials can release a harmful substance to the environment that brings danger to living specifies. As much as you desire a quality wrapping material, the health of workers should also be a priority. Materials such as PVC can be avoided if necessary or good ventilation measures ought to be taken.

The type of shrink wrapping machine

Some shrink wrapping machines are only used with specific materials. Before sourcing your material, ensure that it will work well with your machine to avoid unnecessary losses.


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